• Gunjan Sawhney

Kiwi Spinach Super Smoothie

I am always looking for interesting treats to start the day right or just perk up a lazy afternoon. Kiwi tops my list of favorites for being one amazing ingredient to whip the most amazing smoothies. So this morning when I found a bunch of Kiwi fruit in the fridge, it was time to put them to good use for a healthy breakfast meal.

INGREDIENTS - 1 cup Banana, chilled

1 cup Kiwi 2 cups Yogurt 1 cup Milk, chilled 10 Dates, pitted 2 1/2 cups Spinach 1 cup Apples SERVINGS - Two PROCESS - 1. Chop the Banana, Kiwi, Spinach and Apples finely. 2. Put all the ingredients in a blender. Blend it well until its smooth in consistency. 3. Serve chilled.



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