• Gunjan Sawhney

Easy Shahi Tukda

The rich and royal Mughlai dessert is a staple of my family. It is one of the most loved Indian desserts, and with the holy month of Ramzan going on, I was craving for Shahi Tukda more than over. Here's a very easy recipe to try at home :)


½ litre milk, full fat ¼ cup Condensed milk ½ tsp Cardamom powder 3 Bread slices 3 tbsp Ghee 1 tbsp Pistachio, crushed 1 tbsp Almonds, crushed Few Saffron strands ½ cup water ¾ cup sugar



1. Cut each bread slice diagonally into 2 triangles each. Cut their corners and discard them. 2. Heat ghee in a non stick pan, and shallow fry the bread triangles in it until they are crispy and golden brown in color. Transfer them to a plate and keep it aside to cool completely. 3. Next, take a thick bottomed pan and bring the milk to a boil. Continue to stir it slowly during the process. 4. Add the condensed milk & cardamom powder, continuing to cook it on medium flame for approximately 10 minutes while stirring and scraping the edges of the pan. 5. Mix all the ingredients well and later let the rabri cool completely. 6. Take ½ cup water in a pan and bring it to boil. Throw in ¾ cup of sugar and let it dilute completely on medium flame. Let this sugar syrup later cool for a few minutes. 6. Evenly soak the bread slices in sugar syrup for 1 minute, ensuring they don’t turn soggy. Drain the excess syrup from the slices and transfer them to a serving plate. 7. Pour the rabri over it and garnish with chopped Almonds and Pistachios. 8. Top it with some saffron strands and serve chilled.



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