• Gunjan Sawhney

Gajar Ka Halwa With Rabri

Winter quintessential for my household is this delicious dessert. However, I am so excited to share this new version that I happen to learn from my father in law who is always on a lookout to make his food healthier, since he's diabetic. With no milk, I feel this feels slightly more less heavier for me since dairy often makes me feel bloated. Hope you like this version of my favorite Gajar Ka Halwa :)


1 kg Carrots

3 tbsp Desi Ghee

100 grams Paneer

100 grams Khoya

1 cup Sugar

Chopped Pistachio

Fried Chopped Cashews & Almonds

1 cup Rabri


1. Peel all the carrots and grate them finely.

2. Take a thick bottomed kadhai and add 2 tbsp ghee in it. Once it is heated, add the grated carrots in it and roast it on medium flame.

3. Sautee it until it changes the color and reduces to half.

4. Add the sugar in it, and cook until the sugar dissolves and thickens.

5. Keep cooking this on medium flame until the halwa thickens and ghee releases from sides.

6. Now turn off the flame and add the grated khoya along with curdled paneer in it.

7. Give this a good mix until it is combined. Top it with some fried cashews and almonds.

8. Transfer the warm halwa in serving bowls and top it with some rabri. Garnish with chopped Pistachio and serve hot.



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