Cozy Fireplace, Gorgeous Sunsets & Homecooked Food: The White Peaks, Uttarakhand

A lot of you reading this  must be social media junkies, like yours truly who spend a major chunk of their time online. For some, its their bread & butter {like me}, while for a few it might be just passing time. Well, for once in life I have gone the longest without an access to decent Internet or as a matter of fact, calls or e-mails. Let me rewind the story and take you back to March of 2018, when 5 crazy girls decided to skip the hustle bustle of the city life and head to the hills for a quick break, while spending quality time together. It all started with one little post on Instagram, with one tiny cottage clad in snow and no mere sight of human in their entire feed. I saw this and understood – This place is going to be MY ESCAPE! Well, after waiting patiently for weeks to get the cottage free, we made it to their gorgeous homestay in Gagar Village named The White Peaks. Below are just 5 {of the many, many} reasons why you should plan a trip here soon {And perhaps, thank me later?}

  1. A Warm Welcome By Thin Mountain Air – Glistening silver oak forests all around, and mountains for as far as you can see with absolutely no sight of people, we felt that this welcome is the most quiet and therapeutic of any of the places we’ve been before. This tiny village of Gagar houses few locals and only handful of shops & stalls, with a trail in the adjoining Oak forests that is a must post a stunning view of the sunrise. The cottage has just two rooms—the Magpie Room and the Woodpecker Room which are very cozy and subtle in their own unique way. My favorite part of the homestay would be the courtyard though – with chirping of birds, and offering breathtaking view of the mountains!
  2. That Cozy Fireplace Set-Up You Always Dreamt Of – Call it cliche, but a warm fireplace with a cup of Masala Tea is the perfect set up to get my creative juices flowing. It’s warm, feels like home and just the perfect set up for reminiscing the nostalgic moments sitting across with your loved ones. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cottage housed some of the most amazing collection of books, few by the bedside too where I was elated to reconnect with favorite author Paulo Coehlo again. The endless cups of amazing adrak chai made by the caretaker Mohan Bhaiya, added to the magic!
  3. Bring Your Pooches Along – While the homestay has two absolutely adorable pets named Kaali and Jamun {We soon befriended them as well} who welcome you with so much love & warmth, it also has the provision to accommodate you with your pups and are happy to feed them as well. Who else wants to skip hotels for this? Definitely me!
  4. Gorgeous Sunsets – I don’t really know much about you, but I certainly have this huge OCD of watching sunsets at every place I travel to. And trust me, whether its the beaches in Goa or the snow capped Mountains in Uttarakhand, every Sunset is different and gorgeous in its own way, with a unique story to tell. I made it a point to park my seat in the courtyard long before the sun sets, with countless cups of tea and my girls, while we watch the day go by and the stars light up the sky! You really have got to experience this, my words fail to do justice.
  5. Homecooked Meals – Food is an integral part of travel, and here it resonates so well with the homestay’s identity too. They use fresh, organic ingredients sourced from the local markets to cook some mind blowing food. We devoured on the Butter Chicken, Pahadi Rajma and the Pahadi Daal with piping hot Chapatis, which almost made me realize that I missed having this luxury at home. From microwave food to this, suddenly you realize that all your heart yearns is simplicity and not luxury.

How To Reach: Board Ranikhet Express or Shatabdi, followed by a 1 beautiful hour drive from Kathgodam Railway Station to the homestay
Where: Gagar, Nainital, Uttarakhand
Accommodation: They offer 2 rooms, the Magpie Room and the Woodpecker Room.
Timings: Open all year
Price: INR 6,014 per night including 3 meals
Contact: +91 9810053380, +91 9810050514



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