Light Lunch Festival – Enjoy Free Bira 91 Light. Here’s How!

A Low-Calorie Beer? Yes, You Heard It Right!

Bira 91 is easily the most loved drink of millennials these days. Within a span of close to 2 years of launch in India, it has won for itself a zillion fans {including me}. And the latest news doing the rounds is India’s first low-calorie beer making a grand debut, courtesy the kind folks at Bira 91. At 90 calories – Bira 91 Light is the lowest calorie option for any alcoholic beverage in the bar. It is positioned as a light drink to pair with a light meal anytime across the day. So light lunch or early supper, you can count on this pleasant, and crisp tasting drink to give you good company.

Grab Your First Free Drink!

Bira 91 is hosting 10 days of ‘Light Lunch Festival’ starting 30th June across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. A total of 50 restaurants in these cities have curated a special menu that is paired with the new Bira 91 Light. From salads, sliders to snacks, there are a host of dishes you can order from and enjoy a free Bira 91 Light paired with them and gleefully end the meal on a ‘light’ note!

Where & How?

Simply check out https://www.keepitlight.in/ and book a table at your favourite restaurant from 12 noon to 3 pm from 30th June to 9th July. Pending treat or long due catch up with friends, just ditch the laziness, ignore the beer belly and indulge guilt free!

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