iOrderFresh: 5 Reasons To Go Digital With Grocery Shopping!

The advancement of technology in the food & beverage industry is scaling new heights overnight. The millennial these days are increasingly becoming conscious about their eating habits, and are marching a step towards leading a healthier lifestyle. To strike a balance to our erratic working hours and the dire need to adapt to a better lifestyle, iOrderFresh comes to the rescue. Here are 5 out of the many reasons why having this app on your phone will serve you some help!

Farmers Market: So picture this – living alone, juggling between work and barely any time to go out and shop {leave cooking!}. If you lead a similar story each day, then perhaps you can make good use of ordering your veggies at the click of a button. Right from seasonal fruits, vegetables to daily milk and breakfast essentials – iOrderFresh has got you covered!

Organic Food: Yes, while there are many who wish to make that plunge of switching to organic food, but struggle with finding the right place to buy it. Voila, here’s one platform where you can find an assorted collection ranging from spices, dals, pulses, tea, etc all 100% organic sourced from organic farmers and certified brands delivered 365 days a year!

Curated Offerings: Well, who doesn’t know love some handmade peanut butter, hummus or cold pressed juices? You can stock some delicious varieties of each from the app {Also, did I tell you about the cashback & discounts!}

Tie-up with our favourite brands like Naturals & Depauls: If you are also a BIG fan of Naturals Ice Cream {like me} and swear by the Anjeer & Chikoo flavour, then you gotta put iOrderFresh on your speed-dial. Bust your cravings for that Depaul’s Cold Coffee this summer with just a click away!

Fresh Meat Delivered in 8 Hours: On one of those days when you choose to don the chef’s hat, trust me this app will give you everything delivered at your doorstep. From fresh, juicy and premium quality meat, to exotic vegetables like broccoli, zucchini – there is something for everyone. Oh, and guaranteed freshness is verified, courtesy the ‘’zero inventory’’ system. The order is processed right after you place it, which is quite a rarity these days.

Well, with the temperature all set to rise sky high & making it nearly impossible to step out this season, how about you iOrderFresh? This one’s a must for every millennial.
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Available only in Delhi NCR.

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